The visionOS operating system experience became possible without the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset

After years of rumors and predictions, Apple finally unveiled its mixed reality headset called Vision Pro last month; A product that will be released in the United States in early 2024. The developer kit for this headset is now available so that developers can prepare their applications for visionOS. Apple plans to hold events around the world before the Vision Pro goes public, so developers can get their apps running on real hardware.

Now the Supernova Technologies team has prepared a visionOS-like user interface that runs on other virtual reality headsets on the market.

Supernova will showcase its Nova UI framework for developers. David Henley From the website UploadVR says:

However, the user interface inspired by visionOS cannot be implemented on Quest 2 or Quest 3 because these two products do not use the eye tracking feature, and the said feature is provided in Quest Pro.

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