The unveiling of the second phase of “Yello Nam” at Elcamp 1402

The unveiling of the second phase of “Yello Nam” at Elcamp 1402


According to Irancell’s public relations report, the first phase of the Yellow Name system was held on June 24, 2019 during a ceremony in Irancell’s central building with the presence of the then Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Bijan Abbasi arendCEO of Irancell and Ashab Media had been unveiled, in the second phase, by providing a digital signature service, it has provided the possibility of online signing of commercial documents between businesses.

With the increasing development of the use of digital technologies and internet services, the issue of registering users in various digital platforms is essential to perform daily tasks. The “Mobile ID” standard, based on which the Yellow Name system is designed, is a superior standard in this field, which, unlike standards such as Mobile Connect, can also provide digital signature service.

Using the Irancell system, which is sold under the brand name Yello, and its second phase was put into operation today, Monday, July 5, 1402, at the Alcomp exhibition, the need to go through separate registration and authentication processes on different platforms and to visit in person for authentication. Identity is removed and digital service providers can provide a better user experience to their customers and save on the required software and hardware development.

With the help of each user’s unique set of features and using artificial intelligence, Yellow Name provides the possibility of registration, secure authentication, user account management and obtaining a valid digital signature certificate for all individuals and businesses online and has the highest level of security.

The digital signature service, which has been added to the system’s facilities in the new phase of Yellow Name, is the solution to one of the existing issues regarding the signing of commercial documents between businesses. Using this service at the national level, it is possible to issue digital signature certificates and sign commercial documents between businesses, banks and large public and private organizations online.

Among the advantages of Yellow Name, we can mention easy and real-time digital authentication, saving time and money, great security, not being limited to a specific place and time, providing 24-hour services, preventing fraud, etc.

By connecting businesses to this system, users active in the digital space, regardless of which operator they subscribe to, can use its services and log in to different systems and manage the access level of businesses to their user information.

Another important advantage of Yelo Nam is the authentication process through the application and not depending on the SIM card. This advantage eliminates the need to change the SIM card to perform the digital signature process. It goes without saying that Yellow Name has provided the possibility of authentication at two basic levels, including verification by SMS code and command code (USSD) and advanced level (in the form of an image).

The Yellow Name system is available by installing the application at or Irancell’s website at

Irancell, the first operator to provide 5G and the record holder for the speed and number of 5G sites in Iran, has participated in the main hall (38) and halls 8 and 9 of the 26th Alcomp International Exhibition, with the approach of the comprehensive “Digital Transformation” program, and the latest products, services and He will present his achievements in various fields of communication technologies, artificial intelligence, innovation and digital transformation to the players and enthusiasts until July 8 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Like previous exhibitions, Irancell’s booth at Elcomp 1402 is covered by the 5G network, and visitors can experience different 5G use cases with Irancell.


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