The unveiling of Iran’s first legal artificial intelligence technology at the Elcomp exhibition

The unveiling of Iran’s first legal artificial intelligence technology at the Elcomp exhibition


Collection be a lawyer which started its activity as a legal service provider in 2018, has been able to create the possibility of conversation through artificial intelligence for its users by using the latest technologies of the world.

Morteza Nazimi Moghadam, a basic lawyer of a court and the founder of Vakilbashi, says: “Our effort at Vakilbashi has been to pave the way for people to access specialized legal services. Today, with the benefit of artificial intelligence, we have been able to provide people with a technology that provides rights It provides local and domestic information using a dedicated data-set, easily and in the simplest language, and offers users the path to finding the most suitable solution for legal issues.”

Among the advantages of using this smart chat service, the following can be mentioned:

1- Using the possibility of talking with artificial intelligence, users can easily access information related to their subjects in various legal and criminal fields.

2- The possibility of chatting and talking with artificial intelligence allows users to find the best solution to their problem.

3- The artificial intelligence used in being a lawyer tries to provide the best result for the user by offering the best available services.

For example, imagine a person who is looking for a contract with special conditions and obligations, but does not know the exact title of this contract, as well as other details and points. Using Vakil Bashi’s intelligent chat system enables him to be informed of the correct legal title of the desired form and its points, and also to be able to use the relevant contract introduced and presented to him by the smart chat system.


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