The trial version of Doc Doc Go browser for Windows has been released


DuckDuckGo, which offers a search engine service to compete with Google, has been working on a dedicated browser for a long time. This browser was made available as a test for Mac last year and as such Android He writes, Windows users can also download the beta version now. DocDocGo says that the browser in question is “the company’s most requested product in recent years.”

By default, the DocDocGo browser uses the company’s search engine and has a series of additional features such as Duck Player, which prevents the display of targeted ads on YouTube and does not allow recommended content to be presented based on the tracking of user activities on the web. DocDocGo browser prevents any interception of user information for the purpose of displaying advertising content.

DocDocGo says its browser has a lot to say about ad blocking. In addition to blocking ads and cookies, this browser also removes the white space that is usually shown after clearing ads on sites. This browser has a password management system and email protection.

DocDocGo first showed off its desktop browser in late 2021 and released a beta version for Mac about a year later.

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