The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution assigned the responsibility of monitoring VODs to Sedavsima


The single article “Determining the requirements for the organization of the universal audio and video field” has been approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, so that the constant conflicts over how to monitor home theater platforms will reach a specific point.

During these conflicts that occurred between Satra and VOD platforms in recent months, on the one hand, Satra insisted on its right to monitor and legislate in this field, and on the other hand, some comprehensive audio and video platforms not only criticized Satra’s performance. They also questioned the legitimacy of the nature of this institution.

The debates in this area had even opened the feet of parliament members to this issue and forced them to react. In addition, in the 7th development plan, the issuing of some licenses and the task of monitoring the audio and video field were exclusively assigned to Sedavsima. Now the resolution of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution emphasizes this duty.

Of course, along with Sedavsima, responsibilities for VODs have been assigned to the Ministry of Guidance. In the first paragraph of this single article, it is stated about the responsibilities of the Ministry of Guidance:

“The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is responsible for regulating, licensing, and monitoring news agencies and media, books, advertisements, computer games, and the like, which are within the scope of the duties of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the field of universal audio and video.”

The task of issuing licenses and monitoring active media in the field of audio and video has been assigned to Sedavsima. In the second paragraph of this article, the same topic is discussed:

“The responsibility of regulating, issuing licenses and monitoring active media in the field of immersive audio and video, including user-oriented and publisher-oriented media (VOD) as well as home television networks, especially the production of TV series and programs and the like, is the responsibility of the Broadcasting Organization.”

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