The strange MacBook bug was supposed to be fixed 12 years ago; But it still stands

The existence of this bug has been confirmed by other users. However, it seems that the problem has been going on even longer than Fabian first assumed.

In 2013, a user wrote on Stack Exchange that he encountered the same bug in several Apple laptops in 2003. What we know is that Apple confirmed this bug in the macOS X 10.2 support document on February 12, 2012.

The Cupertinos announced at the time: “In some cases the sound balance may shift unexpectedly to the left or right channel. This problem is likely caused by pressing the volume up or down buttons quickly while the laptop’s processor is doing heavy work.”

To fix the problem, Apple advised users to open the sound panel in the system settings and adjust the sound balance bar to the desired position.

It seems that even after 12 years since the release of the support document, the creator of the iPhone has not been able to find a suitable solution to the problem, and for this reason, he has allowed the said bug to remain in new versions until today.

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