The servers of Shahid Foundation were hacked

The servers of Shahid Foundation were hacked


The servers of the Foundation of Martyrs and Martyrs were attacked by a hacker group called “Bakhtak”. While claiming responsibility for this cyber attack, this hacker group claims that it has deleted all the systems, information and backups of the headquarters of the Shahid Foundation.

The Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation also confirmed this hacking attack and wrote in a statement: “At the same time as the relocation took place in the headquarters of the Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation and the changes made in the IT infrastructure, over the past few days, the Internet systems of this foundation have been attacked It was discovered that these attacks were monitored and controlled by technical experts in the first minutes.”

The Shahid Foundation has also announced that technical experts are investigating this issue and has requested the families of the martyrs to be patient while restarting the systems and follow the news from the official media.

According to the announcement of the Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation, the information and service systems will be available to the martyr community again after careful checks and ensuring complete security, and the process of transparency in the activities of the Martyr and Veterans Affairs Foundation will continue as before.


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