The result of a survey: 92% of programmers use artificial intelligence

GitHub, the Microsoft-owned platform and developer’s paradise, conducted a new survey to find out how many of its users are using artificial intelligence tools. The result of the survey was interesting in its own way.

written by Futurism92% of the 500 American developers in the GitHub survey are using artificial intelligence. 70% of these people say that artificial intelligence has increased their productivity in programming.

Tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot became a useful service for developers in a short time and today, many people are busy using them. GitHub survey participants say they believe AI tools will improve the quality of their code.

Some research shows that the code generated with ChatGPT has serious flaws and some of this code does not meet security standards.

In addition to GitHub, the Overflow Stack Forum also found that developer interest in artificial intelligence tools has increased.

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