The pursuit of Iranians from US Bittrex to restore the lost rights

The pursuit of Iranians from US Bittrex to restore the lost rights


After it became clear that a significant number of the losers and creditors of foreign cryptocurrency exchange Bitrex are from Iran, experts say that the campaign to file a class action lawsuit against centralized exchanges is related to Bitrex.

The announcement of the bankruptcy of Bittrex digital currency exchange was of particular importance for Iranian cryptocurrency activists and investors. This platform has long been the focus of Iranian people for cryptocurrency transactions and investments, but over time, their assets were blocked due to sanctions. The news of Bittrex’s bankruptcy made the situation of Iranians’ frozen assets more uncertain than before.

A significant number of Bitrex cryptocurrency creditors and losers are from Iran. This foreign currency exchange has a total of more than 100 thousand creditors and its debts and assets reach about one billion dollars, of which nearly 100 million dollars are expected to be related to Iranian users.

In 2017, after the blocking of Iranian user accounts in Bittrex, the Iranian Blockchain Association also published a notice about the illegal actions of this company and announced:The fate of many friends’ capital is unknown and possibly in danger.»

At that time, the Iranian Blockchain Association mentioned that according to the reports received, the user accounts of people from different parts of the world were suspended and also announced that Bittrex, unlike Poloniex and other exchanges, did this without any prior warning and the basic rights of the user has stepped on

From that year onwards, several actions were taken against Bittrex to return the blocked and lost assets of Iranians, which unfortunately mostly remained without results.

Now, for this reason and despite the challenges faced by Iranians to pursue legal matters and complain against Bitrex and its managers, it seems that a group of activists have started working to advance legal matters in the short remaining time.

Experts say that in order to continue the process of complaints and legal proceedings as a group against Bitrex managers, the legal affairs of the losers and creditors can be pursued in different ways.

Apparently, whatever was previously done against Bitrex was limited to correspondence with several US government departments and OFAC, and the documents show that no criminal or legal complaint against Bitrex and its affiliated companies in the United States has been filed by an Iranian person or Iranian group, but most recently Scans are being followed up which seems to be related to Bittrex and has given hope to the losers of this exchange.

Lawyers believe that by pursuing legal action by international lawyers, it is possible to pursue the claims of Bitrex exchange losers, and perhaps through an international organization such as the one in Cointelegraph reports It came to a conclusion. We are following this issue at Zomit and will publish the results of our research in the coming days.

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of decentralized platforms in the world is the elimination of intermediary factors and the lack of control of people’s assets by various institutions.


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