The new version of Premiere Pro was unveiled; Leave video editing to artificial intelligence

For some time now, updates and new AI-based plugins have been released for many Adobe software, providing designers and editors with amazing features.

In the same context, the intelligent audio feature has been added to Premiere Pro software to automatically perform some of the tedious and repetitive tasks required for audio editing, such as finding effects or removing noise from low-quality dialogue.

According to Adobe website statementthe new tool will be in beta version of Premiere Premiere today, which includes the ability to intelligently fade audio, allowing users to quickly create their own custom audio effects by dragging them across the timeline.

Enhanced Speech will also be available to all Premiere users in the coming weeks.

Sound timeline in Premiere Pro
Effects are created automatically by dragging interactive controls on the audio timeline

Another update to the Premiere beta version is AI-based audio category tagging, which identifies and tags audio clips as speech, music, effects, or ambient sounds. This feature is now designed to make it easier to find specific editing tools.

Clicking on each category opens the Essential Sound panel, providing access to commonly used tools for editing that particular type of audio clip. Clip markers have also been redesigned to make it easier to apply sound effects and to distinguish the clip to which the effect is applied in the timeline.

Other features have also been added to the beta version of Premier Pro. For example, the height of the audio waveform is adjusted automatically in the audio graphic display mode in the timeline. Additionally, clips have been given new colors that make them easier to view. These features allow users to customize the timeline according to their needs and preferences.

The Beta version of Premiere Pro is a standalone software that will be available with a Creative Cloud subscription to the original Premiere software, and users can install and run it alongside the original version from the desktop beta launcher tab in Creative Cloud.

The Speech Enhanced feature automatically removes background noise from conversations and improves overall clarity. This feature will be publicly added to the Premier software from February.

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