The new Steam update improves the performance of this platform on Apple Macs


At the WWDC 2023 conference, Apple tried to present macOS as a gaming platform, and at the same time, many developers are working on gaming content for this operating system.

Shortly after the event, the Steam app received a major update and now supports hardware acceleration. Thanks to this update, Apple Macs will have better performance when running Steam.

According to 9to5Mac, the latest Steam update is based on a new framework that enables the app to offer common features across platforms. The user interface of Steam in the new version has a more modern look and uses new menus and fonts.

According to Steam, the new version of the company’s application supports hardware acceleration in addition to macOS on Linux. Steam says the change will make users see “smoother animations and scrolling, and a more responsive user interface.”

Steam also announced the improvement of the notification system and said that the new version of the application displays a redesigned layer inside the games, which is equipped with a toolbar.

Users can also write notes about the game they’re playing and pin notes, even in full-screen mode. This feature is for those who write walkthroughs for games.

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