The new iPhone 16 button will be push and touch

According to informed sources, Apple is looking to add a “Capture Button” to the iPhone 16 series phones, which will be used to record video and will strengthen the position of Apple products in the list of the best phones in terms of cameras.

news agency information In an exclusive report, he has published new details about the iPhone capture button in the new generation. According to this website, Apple’s capture button is mechanical (not capacitive) and responds to pressure and touch.

iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max users will be able to zoom the image by swiping on the capture button (without pressing). Focusing on the subject is possible with a partial press of the button, and finally with a full press of the capture button, it will be possible to record video.

Apple plans to place the capture button on the right edge of the device and below the power button. Thus, when you hold the phone horizontally for video recording, the capture button will be in the best possible position.

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Currently, the position of the capture button is occupied by the mmWave network antenna (of course, only in iPhones made for the US market). After pressing the capture button, the mmWave antenna is moved to the left edge of the device.

According to the information website, Apple believes that the capture button will have a significant impact on the sales of the iPhone 16 series and will increase the use of these phones in the field of filming.

The design of the iPhone 16 has not been finalized yet, and it is possible that the best Apple phone will arrive in 2024 without a capture button. At the moment, we do not know how much the price of Apple’s new generation phones will be, but we have no doubt that the iPhone 16 will enter the list of the best phones.

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