The most important differences between gaming and normal mouse

The most important differences between gaming and normal mouse


All gaming mice have buttons on the top or side of the mouse that allow the gamer to change DPI on the fly without delay. The gaming mouse comes with preset DPI settings that start at 400 DPI and go up to 26,000 DPI or even more.

This feature is great for those who need to change the sensitivity of the mouse depending on the activity or just enjoy it. You can also download the mouse software to change the mouse’s default DPI settings.

Most conventional mice have a DPI of 800-1200 and usually don’t have a button that allows you to quickly change it. To change the speed of regular mice, you need to go to your computer’s settings and adjust the sensitivity manually.

If you don’t need to change the speed of the mouse very often, this shouldn’t matter to you. By changing the DPI, you can adjust the speed of the mouse cursor for precise tasks such as aiming in games or photo editing.

Sampling speed

The sampling rate (Polling Rate) is measured in Hertz and determines how often the mouse reports its location to the computer. The higher the sampling rate, the better the responsiveness of the mouse and vice versa.

Normal mice usually have a lower sampling rate (around 125 Hz) compared to gaming mice. A high sampling rate is not important for doing normal daily tasks that do not require fast response, and this low rate is sufficient.

The sampling rate of gaming mice is at least 500 Hz, which is enough for most gamers. The sampling speed of some models reaches 1000 Hz or more; However, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between 500 and 1000 Hz.

There are more professional gaming mice, such as the Razer Viper 8K, which offer sampling rates up to 8,000 Hz. At this impressive rate, it puts more pressure on the CPU to make the mouse as responsive as it can be. You can use your mouse software to set Polling Rate.

Macro keys

Macros are a set of commands that are recorded and executed by the program by pressing a button. They can also perform simple tasks like opening a web browser or emails or entering text. In the game, macro keys are used to quickly perform repetitive actions; But they are also suitable for general computer use with a function like keyboard shortcuts.

Most gaming mice are equipped with macro keys that you can program using the mouse software. For example, for Razer mice, you can install the Razer Synapse app. Gaming mice can have many macro keys. Some gaming mice, especially those designed for MMORPG games, have a lot of extra buttons.

For example, the Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse has 20 buttons. In contrast, normal mice usually do not have macro keys; But it might have two buttons for going forward or backward in web browser pages, and less likely a DPI adjustment button.

With this account, normal mice have much less ability compared to gaming mouse and certainly emphasize much less performance; Of course, this does not mean that ordinary mice are bad; Rather, they just lack options that are essential for professional gamers and unnecessary for casual users.

Ergonomics and appearance

Gaming mice are almost always ergonomic; Because they are made to be used all day long. When you hold them in your hand, you will notice their natural and comfortable grip, especially if they have a thumb rest.

The presence of a support when holding the mouse gives your thumb a good place to rest and provides more comfort; As a result, it reduces and postpones fatigue.

It should be said that these mice may be made specifically for the use of right-handed or left-handed people; Of course, Ambidextrous mice are made to be useful for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Most normal mice have a flat design and it is not comfortable to use them for a long time; Because they don’t keep your hand in a natural position. However, you can also find non-gaming ergonomic mice; But if this matter is important to you, it is better to go for gaming models.

Besides, normal mice usually don’t look as attractive as gaming mice. Gaming mice usually have bright LEDs, sharp edges, and a unique futuristic design. Conventional mice rarely have RGB lighting or flashy logos, and usually look office and lack ergonomic design.

In general, gaming mice are more expensive than regular mice. This is logical; Because as you read, gaming mice have more and better quality and performance than normal mice.

Gaming mice come with software that you can use to set up and customize features like macro key functionality, RGB lighting, sensitivity, and polling rate. If you need a mouse to do simple tasks such as web browsing and work with normal software such as Word, a normal mouse is enough for you.

Is a gaming mouse necessary for gaming?

It is not without reason that professional gamers and streamers use the best gaming mice and gaming chairs. If you’re looking to improve your gameplay in games like Valorant or Apex Legends, in addition to having a monitor with an impressive refresh rate, a gaming mouse is one of the best investments you can make.

The important thing about the right gaming mouse is that you can use it for normal tasks as well; But the best ordinary mice do not have the power to help you in all games as they should. In addition to improving the gaming experience, a good gaming mouse will also provide you with many other benefits.

A gaming mouse is not necessary for normal games; But it can give you a competitive edge in fast-paced games. For many genres such as strategy games, a gaming mouse is not an essential tool. However, a gaming mouse may be essential in FPS games; Because mouse accuracy and response time are very important in these games.

Casual gamers can get by with a regular mouse; But if you want to compete, you need the right gaming mouse. A gaming mouse gives you more control and precision, which is essential in first-person shooters and other such games. If you are serious about gaming, I recommend getting a gaming mouse; Because it greatly affects your performance.

Finally, the issue of build quality is raised. The gaming mouse is made to last longer and can be used and abused even more than a normal mouse. If you are having a hard time with your gaming equipment, a gaming mouse is an option you should consider.

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