The magic feature of Galaxy S24 Ultra has been added to Google phones

The magic feature of Galaxy S24 Ultra has been added to Google phones

Another notable new feature in the Pixel 8 Pro is Magic Compose, which allows users to use artificial intelligence to compose their drafted messages in Google Messenger in different styles such as numb, excited, hybrid, melodious, Shakespearean, formal. and rewrite it briefly.

While the focus of the January feature drop is on Google’s flagships, older Pixel devices will also be noticed and new features will be added to them.

In addition to the Magic Compose feature, a new feature called Photomoji will be added to the Pixel 3a and higher models of Google phones. Photomoji lets you crop out the main subject of regular photos and use it to react to messages (a similar feature is available on the iPhone).

The Quick Share feature was previously known as Nearby Share, and now it has been added to Pixel phones with the Quick Share icon. This system will be available with Chrome OS, in phones equipped with Android 6 and above, as well as Windows 10 64-bit version and later.

Pixel Buds Pro can automatically switch between different devices using the Audio Switch feature. This feature is set to be added to the Pixel Watch, allowing the earbuds to easily switch between the Pixel Watch, Pixel Watch 2, Pixel Tablet, or Pixel Phone.

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