The iPhone 15 will probably offer more charging with stacked battery technology

The RGcloudS user account on Twitter announced that the iPhone 15 family of smartphones will use stacked battery technology.

Each stacked battery cell uses a technique called lamination. In this technology, elements and separators are folded in zigzag layers instead of being rolled. Since the mentioned method saves the packaging space of the battery cell, more active materials can be placed in it, and as a result, the overall capacity of the battery will increase. The lamination technique allows the stacked battery to have a higher energy density compared to conventional batteries; In addition, instead of being concentrated in one area, the generated heat is evenly distributed throughout the cell, and as a result, the life of the battery increases.

McRumors Electric vehicles currently rely heavily on stacked battery technology due to their high power output, fast recharging, and higher energy density, he writes. These types of batteries are also used in medical equipment, aerospace and renewable energy storage.

Additionally, Apple is said to be considering 40W and 20W wired charging via MagSafe, but we don’t know if the Cupertino-based tech giant will offer this feature in the iPhone 15 series. Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro Max can be charged at a maximum speed of 29 watts, but the charging speed of this phone reaches 15 watts through Magsafe.

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