The founder of Google secretly bought a $32 million island

The founder of Google secretly bought a $32 million island

In 2019, Page stepped down from any executive role at Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and moved away from life in tech. He is one of the richest people in the world and has approximately $127 billion in assets. Paige is famous for having a collection of private islands in tropical regions of the world, such as Lolik Islands and Eustatia Island and Tavara Island.

Page’s reason for buying the island is not clear; But some speculate that he may have used it as a refuge, a place to conduct scientific experiments, an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, a financial and economic investment, and a sign of power and social status.

Several locals told Business Insider that they’ve only seen a few helicopters landing on Cayo Norte since then, and that there have been no signs of destruction or even construction in the area.

Cayo Norte is located about 20 nautical miles east of Puerto Rico and just northeast of Culebra. Due to its white sand beaches and surrounding coral reefs, Cayo Norte is known as a refuge for endangered sea turtles, therefore it is of great ecological importance.

It is unclear whether Larry Page will keep Cayo Norte in its natural state; But he must be well acquainted with the ecological sensitivities of the region.

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