The former designers of iPhone Shortcuts bring artificial intelligence to the desktop

Some former Apple employees believe that chatbots like ChatGPT are not being used as much as they should be and perhaps not in the daily use of users. A new startup called Software Applications Incorporated, run by three former Apple employees, hopes to change that.

Yes, Weinstein And Konrad Kramer They are members of this startup that sold the iPhone application automation application Workflow to Apple in 2017. Kim BurtSomeone who has experience working in different departments of Apple also accompanies these two people.

It’s rare that Apple buys a startup, but when a startup is bought by Apple, it’s unlikely that the original plan will be preserved by the Cupertinos. For example, the Workflow program, which was sold to Apple by Weinstein and Kramer, was renamed Shortcuts after a short time. Those who are iPhone 15 users can use this program to control various parts such as the action button and smart home lights.

According to VergeAlthough they don’t have a product to show yet, the people in question claim that they want to develop generative AI for devices like laptops and computers in a way that feels like using computers in the 80s and 90s.

These three people have stated their goal of designing such a productive artificial intelligence is to make the programs more flexible in response to the different demands of users. They believe that current programs have deviated from their original path and are designed for ease of use without any flexibility.

Weinstein, while stating that they have managed to attract about 6.5 million dollars in capital through some famous Silicon Valley companies, also expressed hope to hire 10 experts in different fields by next year.

The startup in question has a very broad vision for devices like the MacBook. The trio noted that while most developers have shifted their focus to the mobile platform, they remain faithful to the desktop.

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