The fire of the telecommunications pond caused the interruption of the mobile internet network in the area of ​​Imam Airport

This morning, a number of users reported mobile internet outages in the south of Tehran, in the Farudgam area of ​​Imam Khomeini. Zomit’s investigations in this area confirmed the disconnection of the mobile internet network in the area of ​​Kareem, Islamshahr, Shahryar, Nasirshahr, etc.

In the follow-up from various sources and operators, an informed source also confirmed this outage and announced the cause of the fire in the telecommunications fiber pool in the area of ​​Imam Khomeini Airport. This fire caused the internet of all three mobile operators, Irancell and Rightel, to be cut off this morning.

In response to Zomit’s follow-up on mobile internet network outages in some areas south of Tehran, including Rabat Karim, Islamshahr, Shahryar, Nasirshahr, etc., this informed source said: “The fire in the fiber optic pool near Imam Khomeini Airport caused the internet network to go down. First Mobile, Irancell and Rightel will be disconnected for a few hours this morning.

He also says that the problem of internet network outages in Islamshahr, Shahryar, Nasirshahr, etc. has been resolved and the problems created in Rabat Karim area are also under investigation to fix the network outages.

Zomit’s investigations in this region also show that firstly, the condition of the internet network of the operator Rightel has returned to normal in these areas, and currently other operators are in a stable condition in the areas of Islamshahr and Shahriar, and in the area of ​​Rabat Karim, despite the disconnection and connection of the internet network. , the situation is returning to normal.

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