The fate of Galaxy Note 7 waiting for Oppo folding phones?

The fate of Galaxy Note 7 waiting for Oppo folding phones?

OnePlus, a subsidiary brand of Oppo, unveiled its first foldable phone, the OnePlus Open, a few days ago. The specifications of this phone are not different from the Oppo Find N3 foldable phone, and only their names are different.

The Oppo brand is trying to become a strong competitor to Samsung in the foldable phone market. The price of Oppo Find N3 phone is lower compared to the price of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the price of other foldable phones so that people have more incentive to buy the new Oppo phone.

According to The claim of one of the whistleblowers In X social network (former Twitter), Peter Duhyung Lee, the former leader of Samsung’s flagship phone planning team, now holds an important position at Oppo. He worked at Samsung from 2003 to 2017 and was the leader of the Galaxy Note 7 planning team. The problem with the Galaxy Note 7 battery that caused the phone to explode and forced Samsung to eventually recall the product happened during Dohyung Lee’s time at the Korean company.

Peter Duhyung Lee has introduced himself as the leader of Oppo’s foldable phone programming team on LinkedIn. After leaving Samsung, he was the head of Huawei’s P family of phones and now heads Oppo’s foldable phone division.

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