The famous YouTuber sued a billion dollar company; what’s the matter?

Dbrand company, a manufacturer of skins, frames and accessories for various devices Zach Nelsonthe owner and host of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which produces videos in the field of phone dissection and strength testing, recently filed a lawsuit against Casetify, claiming that the company copied the design of some mobile phone cases.

Casetify responded to the petition and A post in X He has published that he has started investigating the complaint against him. The company wrote in its statement: “Casetify has always been a fortress of originality and we are proud of this. We are currently investigating the copyright claim against us and will immediately remove the offending design from all platforms.”

The Hong Kong maker of mobile phone cases and accessories said it was investigating a DDoS attack on its website that occurred around the same time as the complaint; However, the company stated that users’ data was safe and the website was back up.

Dbrand and Nelson have accused Casetify of copying the autopsy-themed phone case and sticker design, the so-called X-Ray, first introduced by Dbrand.

One of the reasons this claim has been made is that Casetify’s cases apparently include details that are also seen in DeBrand’s and Nelson’s cases. Therefore, it is a complete copy without any changes from the original designs. It remains to be seen how Casetify will ultimately explain this copyright infringement.

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