The entry of the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office into the issue of school service; Tapsi: We are not able to provide services to everyone

The entry of the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office into the issue of school service;  Tapsi: We are not able to provide services to everyone

Following the complaints and complaints of the citizens about the problems in providing the services of Tepsi Internet Driving School, the Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran reacted to the issue.

Tapsi, who registered for the school service before October with the announcement of the new plan of the school service, and preliminary investigations indicate that he did not fulfill his obligations after the beginning of the academic year and sent an apology SMS to return the principal amount.

In this regard; Tehran Prosecutor’s Office pursues the matter in line with the pursuit and protection of public rights and as the public prosecutor.

In this regard, by holding a meeting on Monday with the presence of the CEO of Tapsi and the institutions in charge, including Tehran’s education, it was put on the agenda of the prosecutor’s office.

This is despite the fact that Tapsi school service and its problems are bothering many parents these days, and at the same time, there was no response from Tapsi, neither to angry parents nor to journalists who sought an explanation from Tapsi officials.

But finally, one day before the prosecutor’s office entered the story, Tapsi announced in a statement that he was unable to provide services to all registered students after a few days when the news of dissatisfaction with the way the schools provided services were published in the virtual space.

Tapsi has stated in its announcement: “We would like to inform you that despite the efforts of the Tapsi team to date and using all available capacities, we have only managed to provide the school service to a part of the students and unfortunately, we are not able to provide the service to all registered students. In the last two days, this matter was informed to all the parents to whom we failed to provide the service.

We understand the parents’ expectations and concerns, and while accepting the responsibility for this incident, we deeply apologize to the parents who have not been able to provide services to their children. Also, we consider ourselves obliged to provide students with the opportunity to move with Tepsi for free until the end of October, in addition to reimbursing all expenses, so that they have a chance to replace the service.

Tepsi’s entry into the field of school services was aimed at helping parents to solve their existing concerns and creating transformation in the traditional part of school services by eliminating middlemen. The need shown by the parents’ reception was correctly identified, but what was not correctly done was our anticipation of the complexities of this service and the operational subtleties related to it. The most important complications of this service include the following:

– Increase in demand: The number of requests increased a lot, especially in the last week of September. This happened for two main reasons: 1) The tariffs were determined by the city council in the last week of September and the difference between the school service tariff and the Tepsi service.

– Limitations and challenges of the fleet: We were not able to use the entire active fleet of Tapsi to provide this service, because according to the student transportation regulations, school service drivers must have additional documents than active drivers in internet taxis. The reluctance of some responsible institutions to help supply the fleet also aggravated this complexity.

On the other hand, the drivers who registered and became active in this service were actually canceling the service or disrupting the traffic, which could cause problems for students with younger ages. To solve this problem, we tried to encourage them to do the service by training the drivers, significantly increasing the driver’s income in the school service, exempting the school service drivers from the commission of their other trips in Tapsi and providing incentives of this kind, but these measures were not enough. .

– Impossibility of trial and error: in providing innovative products, there is usually time for trial and error and gradual improvement of the product. But due to the sensitivity of this service and the students, we did not have a chance to make trial and error and we should have provided the service within the specified period.

Considering the above complexities, we decided this year, by focusing on providing services to a part of students and solving existing challenges, we will pave the way for providing a more reliable service in the future and serve all parents with a more complete solution.”

Also, regarding the return of money to the provision of services, in the other part of this announcement, it is stated that: “while apologizing to the parents again, we inform you that in order to speed up the return of the paid amount, dear parents can announce the card number through the link sent to them via SMS receive your payment in full from us within 72 working hours. Also, dear parents can use the code that was sent to them in SMS, until the end of Mehr, to use the free Tepsi trip to bring their child to school. In this way, the Tepsi support team will be ready to respond to parents around the clock.”

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