The end of a year of tension; Microsoft and Sony signed a new deal centered on Call of Duty

to report VergeMicrosoft has already signed a 10-year deal with Nintendo and a number of cloud gaming service providers to make Call of Duty available on rival Xbox platforms. The company has not yet announced details about the Sony contract.

Late last year, Microsoft offered Sony a 10-year contract; But the Japanese refused to accept the terms of the agreement. By filing a case in court, Sony has repeatedly stated that it is worried that Call of Duty will become an exclusive game for Xbox or that Microsoft will have problems with the PlayStation version of this game.

Sony’s concern about Call of Duty is perfectly reasonable; Because according to official statistics in 2021, more than 14 million Sony users spent 30% or more, and 6 million users spent more than 70% of their time on Call of Duty.

Also, the Call of Duty series in 2021 brought in $800 million in revenue for PlayStation in the US market alone.

It was determined in Microsoft’s court and the US Federal Trade Commission Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, is not worried about the exclusivity of Call of Duty and has openly said that he is confident that the games of this series will be released for PlayStation for years. In a conversation with the CEO of Activision, he said: “I don’t want a new contract centered on Call of Duty, I just want to make it impossible for you to merge with Microsoft.”

Microsoft has repeatedly emphasized that it is committed to releasing Call of Duty on PlayStation. According to this company, exclusivity of Call of Duty is not a logical decision from the economic point of view.

With Microsoft and Sony signing the deal, all eyes are now on the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) investigation. After the agreement of the regulatory body of Europe, the United States and China, now the UK is the only country that stands against the Activision deal. The country has said that it will extend the investigation for another 6 weeks.

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