The country’s second cultural consumption for computer games

The country’s second cultural consumption for computer games


In the opening ceremony of the Iranian Games Infrastructure Quality Monitoring Center at the National Foundation for Computer Games, the CEO of the Foundation pointed to months of efforts in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications to follow up on the challenges of game developers in the field of infrastructure and network and said: “Today witnessed the official opening of this center with the aim of solving the infrastructure disruption and We are improving the experience of Iranian game players in Iran and abroad.”

Mohammad Amin Hajihashmi also announced the beginning of the process of the one million mobile games competition and said: This competition will be held with more than 20 active Iranian games on the platform of mobile phones and so far it has been well received by the audience. This competition is scheduled to be held from Eid al-Adha to 17 Rabiul Awl.

Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili, Minister of Education, said in this ceremony: Today, computer games have become an issue beyond filling free time, and the Ministry of Education is trying to turn these games into an opportunity for the country and the new generation: “This capacity is in the new games produced in the country. And the success of Iranian games is visible in different parts of the world.”

Esmaili emphasized: supporting the production of native computer games and monitoring the content of foreign games is one of the most important tasks of the National Computer Games Foundation. In the end, he said: The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance does not place any restrictions on supporting the ideas and game makers of Iranzmin in different age groups.


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