The competition of Xbox and PlayStation was extended to the spherical structure of Las Vegas! [تماشا کنید]

Microsoft and Sony have both spent thousands of dollars on their marketing campaigns at Sphere Las Vegas. The $2.3 billion giant has become a hot topic on social media in recent weeks after hosting a U2 concert. Now, Microsoft has turned on the Sphere with its new Xbox console marketing campaign, and the next day, Sony used this big sphere to promote the Spider-Man 2 game on the PlayStation console.

Called Microsoft and Sony have each paid $450,000 to display their advertising campaigns in Sphere. Microsoft, in collaboration with BCN Visuals, managed to display its 3D billboard on this big globe last Thursday.

Xbox 3D controllers were also on display at Sphere as part of Microsoft’s new marketing campaign for Xbox during the holiday season.

Sony also promoted the popular game Spider-Man 2 in Sphere by showing its 90-second film to keep up with its long-time rival. Next, you can watch this ad.

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