The Chinese stole the trade secrets of a major American chipmaker

The Chinese stole the trade secrets of a major American chipmaker


Applied Materials, one of the oldest companies in the chip industry, has sued Mattson, accusing the Chinese company of “systematically stealing confidential trade secrets” over a 14-month period.

Applied Materials says Matheson, which acquired an investment center in Beijing in 2016, recruited 17 of the American company’s senior engineers in an organized campaign to obtain confidential information from them.

A representative of Applied says that the company strictly protects its intellectual property against theft or illegal use.

According to Toms HardoverThe said engineers had access to classified information such as the factory’s production technologies and the road map of the Applied company.

The case has been opened in 2022 and apparently the last person out of Applied has provided conclusive proof of industrial espionage. Applied says the theft of trade secrets allows Matheson to experience a significant advance in technological development.

In response to Apple’s allegations, Matheson said he did nothing wrong. The company says the claims are baseless and will eventually be dismissed by the court.

One of the engineers announced that he transferred some documents from the company email to his personal account; But his goal was to keep his achievements. He says he never disclosed any of Applied’s confidential information after joining Matheson.

Applied says most of the engineers who join Matheson have purged their corporate devices and have not been honest about their new workplace.


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