The best Xiaomi power bank with different prices and powers


Xiaomi wireless power bank WPB25ZM

Xiaomi wireless power bank model WPB25ZM with output power of 30 watts and battery capacity of 10,000 mAh allows you to charge three devices simultaneously with wired and wireless charging. In addition to Qi wireless charging, this device also uses two USB and Type-C ports. Of course, as mentioned, you will only get 30 watts of output power when you use one of the ports.

In addition to the things we said, what distinguishes the WPB25ZM power bank from other devices in the same category is the use of a charging base. In fact, you can charge the power bank in two ways: through the USB port and the Pogo Pin connector. To do this, just place the power bank on the base to charge. You can also put your phone on the power bank using the small silicone base to charge the phone at the same time as charging the power bank.

This device can be used as a vertical wireless charging stand and mobile charger. If you wish, you can not carry the charging base with you and use the USB port to charge the power bank.

Have you had the experience of using the power banks in the above list? Share your thoughts with Zomit in the comments section. You can also refer to the Zomit products section to get the updated price of Xiaomi power bank and its different types.

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