The Belgian company wants to make a woolly mammoth burger

For the DND engineering of people, it is enough to have only one strand of hair. DNA is extracted from the hair strand and amplified millions of times using a technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). In the 1990s, Carrie Mullisthe American biologist, presented this creative business plan for the first time.

Mullis, who helped invent the polymerase chain reaction technique in the 1980s, won the Nobel Prize in 1993. Mollis’s business was known as Sturgeon and hoped to make money by selling jewelry filled with the DNA of famous people.

According to the website EconomistThe mentioned idea was never fully implemented; But this failure has not stopped a number of new companies hoping to extract gold from dead humans or even other extinct species.

For example, Paleo is a Belgian startup that produces artificial proteins for the artificial meat business. Hermes Sanktrum, the CEO of this Belgian company, went into such a business partly because of his “fascination with prehistoric times since childhood”. He is interested in expanding his business by making woolly mammoth burgers.

Paleo, in collaboration with the Center for Paleogenetics in Sweden, obtained 1.2 million-year-old DNA fragments from mammoth teeth found in the permafrost of Siberia. The remaining fragments of mammoth DNA were combined with DNA from Asian and African elephants, mammoths’ closest living relatives, to recreate what the company hopes is the mammoth version of the protein-producing gene. myoglobin be This protein gives the meat a rich taste and a fresh red color.

Then, that gene was inserted into the yeast DNA and properly started the process of producing mammoth myoglobin. In the next step, the protein was combined with ingredients such as potato starch, oil, salt and other seasonings to get the taste and texture of the real hamburger. In its patent filing, Paleo claims that myoglobin causes a wide range of chemical reactions between other ingredients in the burger, creating flavors that cannot be achieved any other way.

Centerum, for its part, believes that mammoth burgers taste “spicier and sharper” than regular beef burgers. The company raised 12 million euros ($13.1 million) in its first funding round in February. Officials of the mentioned company say that their mammoth meat will be available to the public soon. According to reports, mammoth meat has attracted the attention of several veggie burger producers and an Ice Age theme park.

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