The battery capacity of one model of the iPhone 16 is reduced; Apple’s unexpected decision

The iPhone 16 series will undergo fundamental changes in the battery department, and some models of this family will have more battery capacity compared to the current generation.

According to the information published on X social networkThe battery capacity of iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max will be higher compared to iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max and will increase from 3,349 and 4,422 mAh to 3,561 and 4,676 mAh, respectively. There is no information about the battery capacity of the iPhone 16 Pro.

In terms of battery, iPhone 16 Plus will go backwards compared to iPhone 15 Plus, and its battery capacity will decrease from 4,383 to 4,006 mAh.

Probably, Apple will not design the iPhone 16 Pro Max battery in an L-shape, unlike models such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and will use a standard rectangular design.

Decreasing battery capacity does not necessarily reduce battery life; Because the improvements applied in parts such as the processor may even increase the battery life.

The leaked information about the batteries of the iPhone 16 series is definitely not correct, and to find out more details, you have to wait until the official unveiling.

There is no exact information available about the price of the iPhone 16 series phones; But the mentioned phones will definitely be among the best phones.

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