The advent of quantum computers will lead to the production of better batteries and medicines

Quantum computers, which have not yet become an achievable dream, will have enormous processing power to handle tasks that cannot be done by traditional computers. Achieving the power of quantum computers is very difficult, because these types of systems have different structures.

As IBM says, quantum systems inherently make a lot of errors, which result in performance degradation. Recent advances in error correction could improve the situation, and IBM is apparently looking to test new capabilities.

According to single spotIBM team members performed very complex tests and compared the results with supercomputers at Purdue University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The Quantum Eagle chip delivered accurate results in every test. As the test complexity increased, the Eagle processor provided answers that were more accurate than classical methods.

A senior IBM researcher says this is the first time we’ve seen quantum computers model a physical system in a better way than classical approaches.

IBM’s experiments show that quantum computers can perform some practical processing faster than expected. The company says that quantum computers will be used in future areas such as producing more efficient batteries, creating new medicines and even designing better fertilizers.

IBM introduced the Quantum Eagle processor in late 2021 and gave Quantum Network service subscribers access to that processor. IBM said at the time that a classic computer to provide the same performance as the Eagle would have to have as many bits as the atoms of all the humans on the planet.

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