The ability to send tweets of 25,000 characters was made available to paid Twitter subscribers

Elon Musk After the takeover of Twitter, the limits of sending tweets of this social network have been changed and the possibility of sending posts with a length of 25 thousand characters has been activated from today for Blue subscribers.

One of Twitter’s engineers named Prachi Podar Last week, he first sent out a lengthy tweet that sparked speculation about the change. Now users of the paid service of this social network can publish tweets with a length of 25 thousand characters.

In February, Twitter made it possible to send tweets with a length of 4,000 characters, and in April it increased this limit to 10,000 characters, and also introduced support for text formatting features such as the use of bold and italic texts.

As TechCrunch He points out, Twitter first offered the possibility of sending tweets with a length of 140 characters, and some time later it provided the possibility of sending tweets with a maximum length of 280 characters. Anyway Elon Musk After acquiring this platform, it applied many changes in the limit of the number of characters per tweet.

Twitter also allows Blue subscribers to upload longer videos. Last December, the company allowed its paid users to send 60-minute 1080p videos, and last month changed the limit to two hours.

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