The 43rd phase of the lottery for Qarzul Hosna savings accounts of Maskan Bank

Maybe you don’t know; But we were together on the way and took important steps together. Together we built, repaired and equipped schools for the growth of our children. Together we freed them and provided comfort to our countrymen in the face of natural disasters.

This year you can open until the end of July Savings loan account of Maskan Bank Or replenish your account balance, in addition to participating in this God-pleasing event, be one of the winners of thousands of prizes in the lottery of Qarzul Hosna savings accounts of Maskan Bank.

Terms of participation in the lottery of Qarzul Hosna savings accounts

The minimum amount required to open an account is 10,000 Rials and the minimum balance required to participate in the lottery is 500,000 Rials. For daily amounts of 500,000 Rials and more, one point is considered for every 100,000 Rials per day.

The condition for awarding the prize is to open an account (with a minimum balance of 500,000 Rials) on the date of the draw and to have a minimum balance of 500,000 Rials for a period of 3 consecutive months or 90 days.

Lottery prizes for loan and savings accounts

84 subsidies for the purchase of domestic cars worth 1 billion Rials

1,000 subsidies for the purchase of home appliances worth 500 million Rials

2,500 travel allowances worth 100 million Rials

3,000 subsidies for the purchase of handicrafts worth 50 million Rials

21,000 cash prizes of 10 million Rials

Thousands of other prizes

The deadline for opening an account or replenishing the balance is the end of July 1402.

Conditions of participation in the festival of opening an absent account

As you know, in addition to opening an account by visiting the branches in person, it is also possible to open an offline account in Maskan Bank.

By opening a Qarz Al-Hosna account in absentia through the virtual counter of Maskan Bank until the end of July and completing the relevant form on the website of Bank Maskan, (in addition to participating in the lottery for Qarz Al-Hosna accounts), participate in the special lottery for openers of Qarz Al-Hosna accounts in person.

Prizes will be awarded to 100 loved ones who have opened accounts in absentia.

After opening the account offline, refer to the link below to complete the registration form in order to participate in the lottery of 100 prizes of the offline account opening festival.

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