Tesla also offers its CyberQuad four-wheel motor in China

Tesla also offers its CyberQuad four-wheel motor in China


Competition in the market for electric vehicles is very serious, especially in countries like China. Tesla, one of the companies active in the field of producing electric cars, is not alien to competition in this market and uses different strategies to win this competition; But now it seems that this company believes that its efforts were not effective enough and is working to improve its situation in the Chinese market.

Tesla is a company that is mostly known for its electric cars; But this company sometimes offers interesting products such as power banks or drinks in a limited way; For example, at the end of 2022, this company unveiled Cyberquad, which is a four-wheel motor for children, for the American market.

Now, almost more than 6 months later, Tesla has decided to offer this four-wheel engine in China. CyberQuad pre-orders for fans of this four-wheeled motor started on July 11, and it is available for sale at a price of 11,900 Yuan ($1,700). Tesla claims that the CyberQuad can be used up to 12 kilometers per charge.

Cyberquad uses a minimal and simple design that is inspired by the design of Cybertruck. This four-wheeled motor uses a steel frame with a high-quality plastic body and can withstand up to 150 kg. This four-wheeled motor uses a 12-volt battery, which will take about 6 hours to fully charge. It should be noted that this product is sent to buyers in pieces, and buyers must connect the 18 pieces needed for the engine.

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