Telegram channels will be added to Facebook after Instagram

Telegram channels will be added to Facebook after Instagram

Whenever a page activates its channel, all its followers will receive a notification that they have subscribed to that page’s channel for the first time. In case of membership, users will be notified for each message sent in the channel; However, it is reserved for users to mute these notifications. According to the screenshots published by Meta, a list of the user’s subscribed channels is displayed in his Messenger chat list.

Just like Instagram, all users who do not join the channels for the first time can join their channel at any time through the profile of the official pages.

Although some express their satisfaction with the provision of such features, other users point to the possible addition of this feature in all Meta programs and say that they miss the era when each program had its own features and characteristics.

according to A post published by MetaIt is now possible to create a channel in a limited way for some owners of official pages; Other accounts will have to wait for a wider rollout to get this feature or at Meta waiting list register

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