Tax Affairs Organization: The tax assessment of influencers will reach 500 billion tomans

Tax Affairs Organization: The tax assessment of influencers will reach 500 billion tomans


One of the controversial news of the last week was the issue of tax collection of 17 billion tomans from 123 identified influencers. These influencers all have virtual pages on the filtered Instagram platform and have more than 500,000 followers.

According to the announcement of the country’s tax affairs organization, 23 influencers accepted this tax and paid the considered tax in the form of the agreement of Article 238. The announcement of this news led to different reactions. Many people criticized the government’s move to collect this heavy tax from a filtered platform by referring to the filtering of Instagram.

Now, however, the spokesman of the tax affairs says that this amount of tax was before the full income of these people was recognized, and now that the detailed information of the influencers has been received, their tax amount will also increase: “The 17 billion tomans of tax assessment sheets that were mentioned were sheets. which was complete before the information arrived.”

After receiving the information of these persons, the tax affairs organization is preparing and issuing a supplementary sheet for the amount of tax that was announced before. Mehdi Mohadi Baknazar said in this regard: “We fully evaluated the sales and accounts information. As a result, due to this new information, we are issuing a supplementary sheet. We are gathering information, and that 17 billion tomans is not necessarily a tax for 2,300 billion tomans, and it is a tax for some people.”

He also added: “We predict that an income much higher than this amount, for example, about 500 billion tomans and more, is the diagnostic tax that can be collected from celebrities.”

In response to Tasnim’s reporter’s question about the tax rate of influencers, the spokesperson of the Tax Affairs Organization said: “Because the income of these people is considered as advertising income, so after deducting the expenses and in order to determine the income, about 45% of the profit ratio Activity will be considered.

He has also pointed out that if a person makes an advertising clip and earns money to make it, he can submit the expenses related to the making of the clip, such as the cost of motion production, etc. He has income.


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