Supporting the brown bear species in the SNAP charity project

This project, which is carried out in cooperation with the “Association of Environmental Monitors”, is the 14th charity project of Snap Customer Club in line with the company’s social responsibility. Achieving positive changes in the field of protection of the brown bear species by raising the level of community awareness and also reducing conflicts between humans and bears is one of the goals of this plan.

The importance of protecting the brown bear

Snap plans to take steps to protect the brown bear species in its latest charity project. The habitat of the brown bear is mostly forest and mountain areas; For this reason, this species is found in most mountainous areas of the Zagros and Alborz mountain ranges, as well as the Caspian and Arsbaran forests, North Khorasan, Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Khuzestan and Fars.

The importance of paying attention to the brown bear is that this species is included in the group of umbrella species; Umbrella species refers to animals whose life will support the life of other species.

It should be remembered that although the brown bear is not currently classified as an endangered species, it can quickly be classified as a rare species due to its high level of conflict with humans.

Snap’s participation in the brown bear conservation project

In its latest philanthropic plan, SNAP will implement the brown bear protection plan in several steps in Mazandaran province, as one of the main habitats of this species and with the most reported conflicts between bears and humans, in cooperation with the Institute of Environmental Protection Monitors (PAMA).

PAMA Association is a non-governmental and voluntary association that has been taking steps to protect the environment since 2010 in the role of empowering, facilitating and attracting the participation of various sections of the society.

SNAP and the PAMA Association will implement the protection of the brown bear species in two steps, raising awareness, especially to the local community, and participating in the implementation of the research project “Examining Field Methods of Conflict Reduction”.

How to participate in Snap’s charity plan

Snap users can participate in this good work without paying any amount and only with their Snapclub points. For every 2,000 user points, SNAP contributes 4,000 Tomans to the cost of protecting the brown bear species. Also, users can participate in other charity projects of SnapClub, such as grants for the treatment of disabled children and financing the construction of a football field for children and teenagers in Qasrqand city in the south of Sistan and Baluchistan province.

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