Soon you will be able to search the Internet through the Chrome browser with just your iPhone camera

Google is adding some new features to the iOS version of Google Chrome to attract iPhone Safari browser users. This program will soon support Google Lens; A feature that allows iPhone owners to search the Internet using their phone’s camera. The translation section will also be added to the iOS version of Chrome, along with better support for Google Calendar and Maps.

Google Lens support makes it easier to search for things like plants and clothes in Chrome. Currently, to access the lens in the iOS environment, you have to use a separate program of this service, but the Internet search giant will add the same feature to Chrome in the coming months so that you can use existing or new photos on iOS devices to search the Internet. take.

written by VergeThe iOS version of Chrome has also received other improvements that are now available. Google has improved the support of its translation service on this browser so that iPhone users can directly translate it by selecting a part of the text on the screen and tapping on the Google Translate option. This feature will be especially useful for websites whose pages are in multiple languages, as Chrome and even Safari already offer full translation of web pages.

In addition, the calendar feature in the iOS version of Chrome will be improved soon. You can create Google Calendar events without switching to the Calendar app or entering the date manually. So when you’re browsing the web, by tapping and holding on a date, you’ll see an option to add it to Google Calendar, which will automatically fill in the time and location information.

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