Snowva 4K TV review; 55-inch economic for movie players!

Snowva 4K TV review;  55-inch economic for movie players!


With the ban on the import of household appliances since 2017, the choice of Iranian users is limited to domestic products, and in the meantime, companies like Snowa want to have a share of Iran’s strange market by offering various models in different price ranges.

The 55-inch Snowva TV model SSD-55SA630UL relies on its many features such as UHD resolution, 15-watt speakers, 4-core processor, Android operating system and AirPlay support, on paper, it is considered a suitable option in the price range of 20 million Tomans; But how does this TV appear in practice? Stay with Zoomit by reviewing Snowa 55-inch TV.

Design and TV ports of Snowa TV

Most of the front view of the TV is covered by a 55-inch IPS LCD panel, and only the narrow edges around it can be seen. The upper surface of the panel is protected by protective and flexible glass, which seems to have high strength against impacts; Therefore, if your child is very fond of throwing things at the TV, the Snowa representative can probably survive the attacks.

The 55-inch Snowva TV, excluding the stands, weighs 12 kg and measures 73 x 71.3 x 123.4 cm. With the addition of the base to the device, its thickness reaches 22.8 cm and its weight increases by 200 grams.


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