“Snails in the Sun”; A spectacular collection of romantic snail world


Kategina Zaogena (Katarzyna Załużna) is an amateur photographer who lives in Poland, she became interested in photography ten years ago and started on this path. Katzina loves photographing faces, her children, snails and floral motifs in the sunlight. He creates his beautiful photos with Pentacon and Helios manual lenses.

“Snails in the sun” is the name of Katezhina’s latest collection. He believes that watching nature under the sun brings peace and happiness. One day, when he saw some snails in the sunlight, he noticed that the sun was shining through their shells, making them look like small moving lanterns. Over the years of experience with these small creatures and the observations he had made, he realized that snails have different personalities like other living creatures; Some are shy and timid, while others are eager and curious.

Next, you can watch some of the most romantic photos from the “Snails in the Sun” series.

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