Silicon Valley’s childish and persistent totality; Zuckerberg wants to be a pilot like Elon Musk!

Apparently, cage fighting and the construction of the social network Tradez for Mark Zuckerberg And his competition with Elon Musk It’s not enough and now it plans to be in the cockpit as well.

Report Business Insider The Meta CEO obtained his student pilot’s license earlier this year, according to Federal Aviation Administration records.

the ability to pilot an airplane, Zuckerberg puts him in the elite club that other famous people like Elon Musk, Sam Altman and the CEO of Snap Evan Spiegel are also present in it. Mask Before he retired as a pilot, he flew planes such as fighter jets.

“Unfortunately, I will no longer be a pilot,” Tesla’s CEO said in a September 2008 live interview with The Washington Post. “I have to work while flying and there are a lot of thoughts in my head, and this is a very bad habit for pilots.”

Flying is not the only extreme hobby that Zuckerberg Recently followed. CEO Meta has also been training in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA for years and is ready to fight his rival Musk.

skills Zuckerberg In jiu-jitsu, Mask forced him to announce his readiness for a cage fight on the eve of the launch of the social network Trades, which is designed to compete with Twitter.

Dana Whitesays the UFC president Zuckerberg And Mask They are too serious to engage in physical combat with each other.

John Travolta, will probably remain as the world’s most famous pilot. He received his certificate in Simple Flying about 40 years ago and is qualified to fly the Boeing 707 and 737 as well as the 747 Jumbo.

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