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These days, the presence of online cosmetics shops has made the process of buying these products very easy for women. A reliable online cosmetics store provides you with access to a wide range of cosmetic and care products in the shortest possible time.

Since countless questions arise for customers when buying cosmetics and skin products, by buying from online shops like Shavaz, you can save yourself from the trouble of asking frequent questions, that too in person; In this way, you can ask all your questions, compare different products at once and thousands of times, and finally, with the confidence of Buy original cosmeticscomplete your shopping cycle.

What products does Shavaz cosmetics store offer?

Shavaz skin and cosmetic products online shop offers all kinds of cosmetic and health products with the guarantee of authenticity, originality and the possibility of fast delivery of orders. The 7-day product return guarantee provided by this store is a valid document to prove its claim of supplying original products. Shavaz cosmetics store products fall into 8 categories:

Cosmetic: Including lip makeup products, eye and eyebrow makeup, face makeup and makeup removers.

Makeup and hair care: Including all kinds of hair masks, creams, shampoos, hair dye sprays, hair glues, oxidants, gels, hair dyes, eyelash and eyebrow enhancers, etc.

skin care: Including different types of skin serum, anti-blemish cream, face and body mask, skin exfoliator, anti-acne cream and gel, brightening cream, sun cream, moisturizer, etc.

Cosmetics: including disinfectants, antiperspirants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body shampoos, hair care products, etc.

Perfume, cologne and spray: Including all kinds of pocket perfumes, sprays, perfumes and colognes.

Personal hygiene: Including all kinds of lotions and body oils, bath salts, wet wipes, adhesives and therapy pads, etc.

Nail health and beauty: including artificial nails, nail clippers, manicure and pedicure, nail strengthener, nail polish remover, nail polish, etc.

Child care: Including all kinds of shampoos for baby’s hair and body, baby lotions and creams, baby sunscreen, baby oil, wet wipes, baby diapers, baby bottles, etc.

As you know, the wide variety of products in Shavaz store makes sure that no one leaves this store empty-handed!

Features of the best cosmetics store

Features of the best online cosmetics store include:

Variety of products

An online hardware store should have a good variety of products. This store should have all kinds of moisturizing creams and cosmetics such as powder cream, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, etc., so that the customers have an open mind when shopping. In addition to these cases, which is considered a custom for any online cosmetics store, if the corresponding store has, in addition to cosmetics, health and skin and hair care products, and in other words, besides selling cosmetics, there is also an online shop for skin products. Your gender is quite suitable; Because some cosmetic stores only sell cosmetics and do not pay attention to one of the serious needs of customers, i.e. skin and hair care products.

Authentic brands

The best online cosmetics shop should not exclusively offer the products of a particular brand, unless it is the representative of that brand; Otherwise, it should offer its products from a variety of reliable and high-quality brands. Some of these reliable and high-quality brands include Gabrini, Flormar, Yangmi, Mai, etc.

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the authenticity and originality of the products of these brands.

Providing complete product descriptions

A reputable online cosmetics store should provide customers with detailed and comprehensive information about each product. This information generally includes product descriptions, expiration dates, instructions for use, ingredient lists, and reviews from previous customers. Providing complete product descriptions helps customers make the best decision when purchasing.

Insert high-quality photos

In addition to providing full descriptions and information, all products must contain high-quality and clear photos so that there are no doubts and ambiguities related to the product in the customer’s mind when purchasing and placing an order. Sometimes it happens that you are looking for a product that you know only by its appearance and do not remember its name. Inserting a photo for each product in such situations helps the customer to find the desired product even with the smallest information such as appearance specifications.

The online store must have an efficient system for quick and accurate product search. Features such as filter based on brand, product type, price and popularity among previous customers are very useful.

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