Scientists have discovered traces of an ancient planet under the Earth’s mantle

Scientists have discovered traces of an ancient planet under the Earth’s mantle

According to new research, the remains of the protoplanetary that collided with Earth and led to the formation of the Moon are still hidden deep in our planet’s mantle. According to the popular theory of the formation of the moon or the big impact hypothesis, about 4.5 billion years ago, a body the size of Mars called Tia hit the earth and pieces of the earth were torn off, and thus, the moon was formed from the pebbles resulting from this collision.

According to ScienceAlertChinese, American and British researchers have so far provided evidence of Tia masses inside the moon; But the current research shows that these masses have emerged from the ground. If so, the big impact hypothesis could solve a mystery that has puzzled scientists for more than a decade: the existence of dense continental masses buried 2,900 kilometers below Earth around the core. The video below shows the simulation of the collision event.

The aforementioned masses make up nearly 4% of the mantle. One of the masses is under the surface of Africa and the other is under the Pacific Ocean. The diameter of each mass reaches tens of kilometers and they behave relatively differently from the core around them. These masses are denser than the rest of the core; For this reason, earthquake waves pass through them at a slower speed. Hence, the name of large low shear velocity states or LLVP for short has been chosen for them.

According to the findings, it can be said with more certainty that the large collision event that formed the moon is the source of the non-uniformity of the moon’s mantle and is considered the starting point for the evolution of the earth in 4.5 billion years.

The researchers, in collaboration with planetary scientists, simulated this collision event and its effect on the mantle and circulation of the remnants of the event in the last 4.5 billion years. They found several different signs of the effect of the massive impact on the composition of the Earth.

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