Samsung’s GDDR7 memories reach a speed of 32 Gbps

Samsung’s GDDR7 memories reach a speed of 32 Gbps


Samsung announced this evening that it has completed the development of the first generation of GDDR7 memory and is expected to introduce them to the market in 2024 to occupy the first position in the market. The speed of the first generation of Samsung GDDR7 memories has reached 32 gigabits per second, which is 33% more than the best GDDR6 parts today. The South Korean tech giant is looking to significantly increase the bandwidth of GDDR7 memory based on the adoption of PAM-3 signaling technology.

Currently, the full specifications of GDDR7 memory have not been announced, and on the other hand, the competitor of this company, Micron, has announced that it will introduce its GDDR7 memory in 2024. At the same time, the leaked technical details about GDDR7 show that this memory uses PAM-3 signaling and its speed will reach 36 Gbps.

Samsung says it has completed development of its first-generation GDDR7. The company tends to release such news at an early stage. However, the Korean company’s announcement is a very important milestone in the development of GDDR7 as device makers can begin the process of validating the new hardware.


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