Samsung’s foldable phones may be more expensive than the previous generation


Samsung will hold its Unpacked event on July 26 (August 4) and will unveil the popular Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 phones. So far, we have heard many news and rumors about these two foldable phones and we have almost complete information about the specifications of these two foldable phones, now as we get closer to the date of the Unpacked event, we see the price disclosure of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5.

According to the French store Dealabs, Samsung plans to sell the Galaxy Z Flip 5 for 1,199 euros ($1,323) and 1,339 euros ($1,477) for the 256GB and 512GB versions, respectively. No news has been released about the price of the 128 GB version of the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

For a better comparison, it is necessary to know that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 with 256 GB of storage memory was 50 euros cheaper than the 256 GB version of the Z Flip 5 at the time of its release. This price difference for 512GB storage memory reaches $60.

The store also claims the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be priced at €1,899 ($2,095) for the 256GB version, which is around €100 more than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 at launch. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 with 512GB of storage will cost €2,039 ($2,249) and the 1TB version will cost €2,279 ($2,514), both about €120 more expensive than the 512GB and 1TB versions of the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

One thing to note is that the announced prices are for the French market, and Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 are available in other countries at different prices, but based on these prices, we can expect price increases for other countries as well. . In any case, the news of the increase in the price of Samsung phones is not new news, earlier in the beginning of the year, Samsung released the S23 series at a higher price than its previous generation all over the world except America.

Anyway, there are only a few weeks left until the Unpacked event, and the only way to be sure of the price of these two foldable phones is to watch the event.

what is your opinion? Will the price increase of these phones decrease Samsung’s sales?

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