Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 monitor review; Stunning and perfect for PC-gamers

By all accounts, if you are a console gamer, the Samsung Odyssey Neo monitor will not work for you at all; But if you have a PC equipped with an Nvidia RTX 40 series graphics card or an AMD 7000 series graphics card and are willing to spend about 60 million tomans for a gaming monitor, you will have a strange experience with the Odyssey Neo G9.

To talk about the experience of working with Samsung’s curved monitor, we must first talk about parameters such as display brightness, color performance and, of course, features specific to gamers.

The lighting of the Samsung Odyssey monitor is of the mini LED type, which provide panel lighting in 2048 areas. Due to the number of LEDs and the number of lighting areas much more than normal LCD panels, mini LED panels produce more light and can be a better choice for gamers.

The brightness of 1000 nits in HDR mode and very good color accuracy are among its great features

The display of the Odyssey monitor supports the HDR10+ standard and according to Samsung, it can achieve a maximum brightness of 2000 nits. To check Samsung’s claim, I enabled the HDR option in the Windows settings and by measuring the brightness in the 10% pattern (10% of the image in white and the rest in black) it was about 1000 intentions I arrived. That being said, the 2000 nits number seems to be for times when a smaller portion of the screen is lit and other parts are dark.

If you turn off HDR mode, SDR profiles will be available in the display settings, which naturally provide lower brightness than HDR profiles. When the brightness (in the monitor settings menu) is set to 100%, the maximum brightness we get from the monitor is about 360 nits, which is not great for a mini LED monitor, but it is acceptable.

Mini LED displays cannot match OLED displays in terms of color accuracy, but according to our measurements, the Samsung Odyssey monitor leaves nothing to satisfy gamers in this department. In the sRGB profile, The most accurate colors are presented and the accuracy of color reproduction is excellent, but colors tend to be noticeably cold.

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