Samsung improves low-light photography with the next update of the Galaxy S22 series

Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series have expressed concern about the performance of the main camera of this device when shooting in low-light conditions, especially when recording neon signs or other light sources. In response to these concerns, the South Korean tech giant has acknowledged the problem and assured users that it will improve the performance of the Galaxy S22’s camera in low light by releasing a software update. This update was originally planned for April, but it was delayed and we expect it to come in the next update of Samsung’s 2022 flagships.

As the July 2023 security patch has already been released for the Galaxy S22 family, users can expect the low-light camera performance fix to come with the August 2023 security update.

The announcement regarding the improvement of the Galaxy S22 series photography performance in low light conditions was published through the Samsung forum. The program manager of this company announced that the changes will be presented in the next software update, and of course, the exact date for the release of the said update is not yet available. written by GizmochinaSamsung has assured its users to notify them as soon as the update date is confirmed.

Galaxy S22 users have also noticed a lot of noise, especially in the sky, when taking pictures in low-light conditions, and it is hoped that this problem will be resolved with the release of the next update.

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