Samsung denied: We do not make cheap foldable phones

Samsung denied: We do not make cheap foldable phones

Recently, there have been rumors about the possibility of introducing a cheap Samsung foldable phone; But the Korean company doesn’t seem to have any plans to do so. A Samsung spokesperson stated that the company will not release foldable phones at a cheaper price than its current models and that the rumors published in this regard are completely unfounded.

Rumors of a cheap Samsung foldable phone seem to be coming from TrendForce report About the market of foldable products and the X account (former Twitter) of the well-known whistleblower Tech_Reve originated. This news went so far that it was even said that the price of the phone will be between 400 and 500 dollars.

The fact is that Samsung has tried to reduce the price of foldable phones in recent years; But the Galaxy Z series of this company is still being launched at an expensive price.

The release of a foldable phone whose price is the same as the price of the Galaxy A54, that is, the high costs of producing the hinge and folding panel of this product will not allow the Korean company to make a profit.

The budget Galaxy foldable phone project will only become a reality if Samsung is willing to lose a lot of money, which is unlikely to happen. If the cost of using hinge technology and folding screens decreases in the future, we can expect foldable phones to be launched at a reasonable price.

A Samsung spokesperson has announced that no decision has been made about the company’s low-cost foldable phone; Therefore, in the best possible case, the production of such a product has been proposed as an idea.

Currently, the price of Samsung phones in the foldable market, i.e. Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5, has made most users not willing to buy these products.

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