Review of Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus; Small, but practical steps in the path of evolution

Examples of images recorded with the Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S23 Plus ultrawide cameras in low-light outdoor environments
Better noise control and slightly more detail in the Galaxy S24 Plus photo

Fortunately, Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus users shouldn’t have to worry about getting software updates. Both new Samsung phones will ship with Android 14 and will receive system and security updates for up to 7 years, according to the company. This number is a record for Android phones (next to Google’s new Pixels) and puts Samsung’s new Galaxy phones at a higher level than Apple’s iPhones.

Can a phone work for 7 years without problems? Samsung believes so

Android 14 in new Samsung phones is available to users under the One UI 6.1 interface, which is a customized version from Samsung. Apart from the many visual changes of One UI compared to pure Android and the small and large features that the Koreans have considered in the corners of the user interface, the main software feature of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus, which took up the majority of the unveiling ceremony of these phones, Features related to artificial intelligence and Galaxy AI.

Galaxy AI smart features are only free until the end of 2025

Like One UI, Galaxy AI can also be considered a customized version of Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence platform for Samsung phones, which is currently available for three S24 family phones and will soon be available to S23 family users with an update. Apart from the changes made in the image processing model, energy consumption optimization and system resource management of new Samsung phones, Galaxy AI has some very useful features in the user interface, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Circle to Search: One of the most exciting features that Samsung focused on is Circle to Search. With the help of this feature, you can draw a circle around an object in any image on your phone (either in the browser, in the gallery, or in software such as YouTube) so that all its information will be searched and displayed for you through Google. Let’s say you come across a picture of food on the internet that you don’t know about. You just have to draw a circle around the plate of food so that all its details, from the name to the ingredients needed to prepare it and the recipe, will be displayed for you.
  • Chat Assist: This feature is a set of three features based on artificial intelligence that are available to users in chats and text conversations. This collection includes the translation of messages sent and received between users into a language familiar to each of them, Writing Style to adjust the tone and style of writing with the help of artificial intelligence, and a system for checking grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Live Translate: As its name implies, it is an intelligent assistant for simultaneous translation of conversations that is available to users during voice calls and can solve language problems between people; Of course, this feature is not instant and acts like a translator between the two sides of the conversation. Live Translate does not currently support Farsi language; But according to Samsung, the addition of Farsi language to Live Translate is on the agenda.
  • Instant Slow-mo: With the help of Instant Slow-mo, you can convert normal videos recorded with your phone into Slow Motion. Instant Slow-mo intelligently generates similar and consecutive frames between each frame of video so that the transition from normal video to slow motion happens in the smoothest and most believable way.
  • Generative Editing: If you’ve worked with Photoshop and its new versions equipped with artificial intelligence, or read about the artificial intelligence features of the Pixel 7 and 8 phones, you’re familiar with this feature. Generative Edit can detect the subject in the photo, change its position, apply various effects on it, or completely erase unwanted parts of the image. Let’s say you took a photo with an unwanted person in the background. Apart from common edits such as changing color, contrast, and brightness, Generative Edit helps you remove the unwanted person from the image and intelligently fill their place in a way that is unrecognizable.

An important point that is usually hidden from the eyes is that Galaxy AI smart features are free only until the end of 2025. Samsung may be able to explain the cost of artificial intelligence processes and the need to provide dedicated servers to justify the payment of Galaxy AI, but from a user’s point of view and when we see that Google provides almost all of these features for free and permanently to its users. We can’t be happy with Samsung’s decision.

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