Requirement to scan the face; Apple Vision Pro is sold by appointment only

Requirement to scan the face;  Apple Vision Pro is sold by appointment only


news agency Bloomberg In an exclusive report, he says that Apple plans to initially sell the Vision Pro mixed reality headset only by booking an appointment in person.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is building special areas where users can try the headset. These areas are designed within Apple stores. For the first time, large Apple stores in areas such as New York and Los Angeles will be equipped with new areas.

Apple plans to ask in-person buyers to make an appointment to purchase the Vision Pro. This is not surprising; Because Apple had already considered a similar method to sell the first generation Apple Watch in 2015.

In a face-to-face meeting, Apple employees make sure that the Vision Pro is the same size as the user’s face and, if necessary, equip the headset with a medical lens. Bloomberg says Apple stores will stock “hundreds of thousands of lenses.”

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new app and physical device that will scan the user’s head to make sure the Vision Pro fits properly on the face and that outside light is not entering the headset.

In early 2024, online sales of the headset will begin in the United States; In the online purchase process, the user is asked to upload the scanned data and contact lens details.

The Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which will be available to US customers early next year, won’t be available in other parts of the world until late 2024.

After America, Apple will release Vision Pro in the UK and Canada, and then it will be the turn of Asian and European countries. Apple will not sell the Vision Pro headset through various retailers such as Amazon until at least 2025.

Apple is working on new accessories for the Vision Pro. According to knowledgeable sources, one of these accessories is a secondary strap that is placed above the user’s head so that those with small heads can use the headset without problems. Apple is also working on a special bag that the user can put the Vision Pro battery into.


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