Report of the year 1401 Kafebazar; Being equipped with universal antivirus made Cafe Bazaar more secure


In the report that it published on its activities in 1401, Kafebazar mentioned some of the achievements and facilities that it has provided for users in the twelfth year of operation. A look at Kafebazar’s report on the behavior of users and the achievements of developers shows that in the past year, this platform has succeeded in revising the mechanism of reviewing and publishing programs and clarifying the provision of antivirus services.

According to the 1401 report of Kafebazar, this platform reduces the risk of the user’s device being infected with a virus by adding the possibility of scanning the program or game that the user intends to install. By using this feature, users can scan the program or game before installing the program or game using international antiviruses such as Google Play Protect, DrWb, McAfee, ClamAv, etc., which Kafebazar is equipped with, and If the antivirus does not detect a virus or infection, install it.

In this way, with the help of this feature, which has been available since the fall of last year, users can be sure of the security of the program or game they want and then proceed to download or install it. By using the “scan with 10 global antiviruses, before installation” feature, 200 million monthly installations have been shown after scanning with antiviruses.

Removal of programs that violated Cafe Bazaar rules

In addition, in the past year, Kafebazar has conducted a complete review of its programs, as a result of which, the programs and games that were unable to comply with the standards during the process of updating, fixing errors, and paying attention to the security warnings of the market received warnings or were removed from the Kafebazar platform. were deleted

As a result of this review, 33,000 games and apps have been suspended or removed from this platform until they fix their security risks or comply with Cafe Bazaar’s rules. Also, 900 releases were not allowed to be published due to security risks and non-compliance.


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