Regulatory disagreement with telecommunications over the renewal of the license of Iran Telecommunications Company

While the regulator has announced in a letter that the license of Iran Telecommunication Company will not be extended to continue operating, the Director General of Communications and International Affairs of Iran Telecommunication Company has announced that there is no prohibition to continue operating.

This disagreement became public since a letter signed by the regulator was published in which the request of the telecommunications company to extend the validity of the license “providing mobile phone, landline and data communication services” was not possible.

From what is stated in the letter, last year there was a correspondence between the telecommunication company and the regulator regarding the extension of the validity of the activity license, and in the final response of the regulator, the extension of the license was considered possible depending on the fulfillment of conditions by the telecommunications company. Now, after months have passed and those conditions have not been fulfilled, the regulator has announced in a letter that this extension will not be accepted.

The cases mentioned by the regulator in its letter opposing the extension of the license of Iran Telecommunication Company, non-fulfillment of the provisions of the commission’s approvals and the obligations of the said license, including the provision of up-to-date telephone and data in cities, the implementation of Bitstream approval, traffic separation, exit from PCM and complaints registered in the system 195 and changed the status of the martyrs.

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